Renewable Energy

The ITCC Renewable Energy Group (REG) was formed in 2013 to capture and utilise the significant expertise among ITCC members within this sector. The aim of the REG is to act as a bilateral focal point both for Irish businesses and Thai investors looking at opportunities within the renewable energy sector in Thailand and Ireland respectively.

The REG has also reached out to other Irish Chambers of Commerce in the region to provide a Pan-Asia approach for this important, growing and exciting business sector.

The REG is busy building relationships with various government and industry bodies in Ireland, making them aware of our presence and working with them to define the services that they need to be able to access the local markets. In parallel we are making connections with agencies across the region.

The REG will use this website to provide a live knowledge database of key information on the renewable energy sector, and welcomes input from colleagues and interested parties both from across the region and from Ireland.

For more information or if you would like to join our group then please contact us at