The Asia Ireland Business Awards

The Inaugural Asia Ireland Business awards took place on Thursday, January 26th at The Conrad Hotel, Bangkok. The event was a terrific success with nearly 200 guests, including influential Thai and Irish business leaders, Diplomats and those with an avid interest in business and sport.

The main award for the evening “Outstanding Achievement in International Business’ was presented by The Irish Ambassador to Thailand, Brendan Rogers to Susan Whelan, CEO Leicester City FC. Ms Whelan played a pivotal role in Leicester City’s incredible success as last year’s winners of the Premier League.

Renowned TV presenter, Varin Sachdev was the Master of Ceremonies and the special guest speaker was Norah Casey, Broadcaster and Publishing Entrepreneur who gave an inspiring speech on her life, risk and leadership.

The event also raised much-needed funds to support the Environmental Education Camp for disadvantaged blind children. The evening’s entertainment entailed music by the very talented Harpist, Chiara Capobianco and an outstanding football juggling performance by Mr. Pongsatorn Sungpliansang of Freestyle Football.

Thank you to everyone who attended, from the businesses and Irish community, to the diplomats, and of course our sponsors and partners, all of whom contributed to the evening’s success. We now look forward to building on this success and developing an annual event to honour exceptional Asian and Irish business leaders across the region.

Platinum Sponsors: Embassy of Ireland, King Power International, Fine Grain Property

Silver Sponsors: Thailand GAA, WiseTek Solutions (Thailand), Enterprise Ireland, Rugby School Thailand, Guinness


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