St. Patrick’s Day Shindig 2014

Irish Community and Friends kick off the St Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Style.

The Irish Thai Chamber of Commerce St Patrick’s Day Shindig is a well established event in Bangkok. 200 hundred years ago a Shindig might have meant have a brawl or a fight in Celtic folklore. Over the years it became the word Irish and Scots referred for a lavish party. On March 13th at the Conrad Hotel in Bangkok, the Irish Thai Chamber put on a business networking event which this year was adopted by the Chambers representing America, Australia, Britain and all the chambers under the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand. The event was sponsored by Enterprise Ireland, Etihad Airways, Meinhardt, Andovar, Flann O’Brien’s, Samitivej Hospital and others.

Ambassador Declan Kelly who is based in Kuala Lumpur and is also Ambassador to Thailand thanked the Irish Thai Chamber for all the hard work carried out on behalf of Ireland. He also brought the exciting news that later this year Ireland will open it’s first Embassy in the Kingdom.

Paul E Scales, the President of the Irish Thai Chamber thanked the Ambassador for all the hard work he has done in the past year enabling Ireland to finally have a full Embassy in Thailand.

The revelry continued late into the night at the Conrad Hotel with Irish food and drinks and an exciting raffle with prizes including return tickets to Ireland on Etihad.

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