St. Patrick’s Day Shindig 2013

Over 300 guests attended the Irish-Thai Chamber of Commerce St. Patrick’s day “Shindig” to celebrate Ireland’s national day. The JW Marriott played host to the event which featured traditional Irish cuisine and music as well as free-flowing Guinness, the famous Irish beer.

A highlight of the evening was a visit by Paul McGinley, the next captain of Europe’s Ryder Cup golf team. He regaled the audience of businessmen, dignitaries and expatriate Irishmen with tales of famous golfing victories and raised hopes of continued golfing success.

The annual event marks Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated worldwide on March 17th by tens of millions of Irish descendants, as well as anyone with an interest in Irish culture. This year, the British and Australian Chambers of commerce also co-hosted the event, which continues to grow from year to year.

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