Registration of Irish People in Thailand

A Chairde,

With the recent political upheaval in Bangkok it occurred to me that it might be a good idea for the Irish Authorities to have a record of Irish people resident in Thailand. It is probably also a good thing for in any event to know how many Irish people are resident in the Kingdom.

I made a request to the Embassy in KL as to how we could go about registering and they have responded that we can do so on the Department of Foreign Affairs website
This online registration is for both travellers and for emigrants and gives us the opportunity to register our contact details and those of our families. I have asked DFA if they could arrange to also have the link on the Consulate website. We will also put it on the Chamber website.

I would like to suggest to you all to register and to pass this email through social media and other contacts so that we might have a campaign to have Irish people register their presence in Thailand. It makes good sense for the DFA to have a record of our presence in Thailand.

Best regards,
Paul Scales