ITCC Education Group Background

The ITCC Education Group was established in 2015 to promote Irish education in Thailand. There are a large number of Thai students studying overseas each year, most of whom enrol in UK, USA and Australian education institutions. All of these locations have excellent education systems and are well known in Thailand as a destination for further study. Ireland’s education system is of excellent quality with all of its universities highly ranked, and on a par with the countries previously mentioned. Ireland is a safe and friendly English speaking country which attracts companies such as Apple, Intel, Facebook, Google and others in the technology field as their preferred European headquarters. Thai students also have the opportunity to work after they graduate in Ireland on a 1 year “stay-back” visa program. All of this is encouraging but the challenge Irish education faces in Thailand is awareness. Little is known about Ireland and its education system but thankfully with the new Irish embassy in Bangkok and the creation of the Irish Thai Chamber of Commerce Education Group, this can only improve.


It is the Education Groups main objective to build awareness surrounding Irish education in Thailand. It is our aim to host regular events on education topics that have relevance in the Thai market. The Education Group will build relationships with the Irish business community making companies aware of the Irish HEI presence in the region and opportunities for staff development.

The Education Group is developing existing relationships with education intuitions both in Ireland and Thailand and also exploring new relationships with Thai schools and universities with the view to institution to institution collaboration such as the points outlined below.

  • Initiating exchange of students at the secondary and tertiary levels between Ireland and Thailand.
  • Initiating exchange of teaching instructors and faculty between the two countries.
  • Initiating joint degree programs between Irish and Thai universities with transferable credits and student exchanges.
  • Promote Irish schools for English language camps and intensive courses.

Modus operandi:

  • Identify Irish and Thai schools and universities interested in developing these relationships.
  • Act as coordinator in drawing up mutually beneficial MoUs between these academic institutions.
  • Negotiate student scholarships as catalyst to launching these relationships.
  • Propose bi-lateral International Week student exchanges between Irish and Thai universities, including visits to key businesses in both countries.

For more information or if you would like to join our group then please contact us at